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Beard Secrets: What the F*ck is Argan Oil and Why Put it in My Beard?

The recent revival of beards as fashionable accessories brought with it the development of new products that are specifically formulated to help men comfortably grow, maintain and style their beards. Back when we all lived like the Amish, beards just grew wild. Men dealt with the itchiness and skin irritation because there were few other options.


But this is a new era of beards; beards 2.0, if you will. Many discoveries have since been made to alleviate some of the hardships of growing a beard. One important revelation is argan oil. What the f*ck is it? Well, it comes from the kernels of the argan tree and has numerous benefits for your beard.


For one, its high Vitamin E content makes it a natural skin moisturizer that helps dry skin regain its suppleness, treating even severe skin disorders like eczema. In addition to perfecting often neglected under beard skin, the fatty acids in argan oil work as a hair conditioner, taming beard frizz and making your beard shinier and easier to style. Argan oil has a wide range of proven benefits that include reducing inflammation, healing cracked skin, preventing acne and slowing down the aging process. Basically, this shit works miracles.


Products like Mr. Rugged’s Bold Beard Balm proudly feature argan oil, along with many other beneficial oils and seed butters. This balm isn’t greasy, smells great and with regular application, will deliver the benefits of argan oil directly to your skin and beard hair.

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