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You want a rugged look. You’ve got the jaw. You’ve got the brawn. You’ve got the eyes. You’re just missing one thing—the beard.

You want the rugged look—chicks dig it after all—but there’s a thin line between the rugged-professional look and the deranged hobo man look. And that line runs right through the beard.

Beards are hard to get right. You want a certain amount of length because the perma-stubble look isn’t for you, but with length, you get the itch. You get a certain unruliness that leads to the “I’ve given up on life” look if it isn’t carefully contained.

I know where you’re coming from. I had that problem.

But then I solved it.

I worked with some smart, creative people to come up with natural beard lotion and beard balm formulas. These helped with both the itch and the unruliness while not making you look like you spend fifteen hours a day trimming the beard. It’s hard to look rugged when you look primped and processed.

Alone, these two products will help your life immensely, but we didn’t stop there. My team and I put our efforts into researching the best beard combs and brushes in the world. We were looking for something that wouldn’t tug or result in a fuzzy look. We discovered that the best beard combs are made of natural wood and we’ve come up with several designs we think you’ll find work just right.

Beards are awesome. They’re fun. They let you be who you are; a man. You don’t have to shave every @#$%@# day, and they can really tie together a look that women really like but only when done right.

We’ll help you do it right. Our mission is to ‘Groom The Wild’ and help you be the rugged beast of sophistication.

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