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Beards and Broads: 5 Steps to Getting Your Beard Ready for Date Night

For the bearded, getting ready for a date means more than throwing on a clean(ish) shirt and making sure the condom in your wallet hasn’t expired. All ladies will agree that if you don’t take care of your face fur, getting close will feel like you’re assaulting her with a steel wool brillo pad. Here are five steps you must take to make date night more about making out and less about bleeding rashes:

  1. Wash your damn beard. You wash your head hair and your beard is no different. Get in there with a good cleanser and make sure to pick out any nasty bits leftover from lunch.
  2. Trim that shit. Having bed head is one thing but bed beard, with its pube-like squirmers sticking out in every direction, is nobody’s cup of tea.
  3. Condition with a balm like Mr. Rugged’s Bold Beard Balm. It’ll soften the roughness of your beard hair with a handful of natural oils and seed butters. Plus, the balm has the added benefit of making your beard smell fantastic and easier to style.
  4. Style it with a comb. Not your hands, not a toothbrush. If you’re committing to this beard, get a comb to style it right.
  5. Wear it with pride. Beards are the best kind of accessory and yours should give you a boost of confidence. Make her taste the testosterone, and then seal the deal.
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