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Congrats! Growing a full beard was no easy feat!

Congrats! Growing a full beard was no easy feat. You started in Movember to show those mustachioed men you meant business. Each passing day, your beard grew thicker, bushier and by the time the holidays rolled around, that thing made Santa blush. The frigid cold of January was no match for your lustrous face sweater and your girl loved the warmth of your beard’s embrace on Valentine’s Day.

You’ve made it through harsh climes, collecting the dew of spring in your furry follicles, but now it’s summer and hot as fuck. What are you going to do? Your beard has been with you through thick and thin, and shaving it down to scruff feels like a crime. But the thought of dealing with incessant itching, sweat trapped on your chin and smelling like a wet dog from the neck up is cramping your style. Fear not grizzly man; there’s hope.

Summer beards take a little more maintenance than their cold weather counterparts. Rub out the funk with a good natural balm, like Mr. Rugged Bold Beard Balm. Made with natural oils and seed butters, Mr. Rugged’s balm keeps your beard conditioned and smelling fresh. Along with regular washing and trimming, using a bit of balm into your beard allows you to keep your beast at bay during the hotter months.

Spend June on the beach with your well-groomed beard, the 4th of July at BBQ’s absorbing smoky sausage smells into your man hair and know that no matter how high the temperature rises, your beard will always be at its best.

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