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Mood Beards: Changing Your Style to Match Your Feelings

Women change their hair colors and styles to express a change in mood. When they don’t feel like putting off the slut vibe and want to appear more introspective, many will go from blond to brunette or from long and sexy to short and sassy. Sure men can change their hairstyles as well but sometimes switching up your facial hair can make a bolder statement. All you really need is a few tools, like a comb, a beard trimmer and a beard balm (check out Mr. Rugged’s Bold Beard Balm) and you’ll be on your way to changing your beard style more often than you change your underwear...


Feeling stoic? Go for a philosopher beard a la Socrates. This long, unruly beard expresses your utter disregard for what’s sanitary and shows that you spend your time thinking and not primping. Bonus points if you can get it to curl.

Feeling Wild Wild Western? Go for a Clint Eastwood beard, like the one he had in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. The trick here is letting that baby grow all over your neck and as far up the sides as it’ll crawl. Give it an occasional trim but leave it the fuck alone otherwise.


Feeling Like the Coolest Dude in the Room? Go for a Big Lebowski extended goatee. Now, while the Dude doesn’t give a shit about much, there’s no way you can get that ‘tee to stay put unless you give it some love. This one will need regular trims, a good comb run through it daily and a dab of Mr. Rugged beard balm to keep it as soft as a good (maybe pissed on?) Persian rug.

Feeling Like a Ladykiller? Forgo the beard altogether. Get yourself a Tom Selleck ‘stache and you’re go to go.

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