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Why Wooden Combs Are Better For Beard Hair?

Proving your virility and manhood used to be as simple as having a beard. The thicker, faster, and fuller you could grow, the more the world knew that you are a man or  in other Eastern European instance, woman consider you to have more influence and power. With the rise of urban gentleman, it isn’t enough to merely have a beard, you should also keep it groomed and cleaned. Otherwise, men will see you as a mongrel as well as cast you out into the wilderness. To keep your beard groomed properly, you need a quality made beard comb.

Beard combs are designed to make beard grooming simple. They have wide teeth to clear out tangles, knots, and in fined-tooth variety to handle fine hair or shorter beard. These days, beard combs are made of plastic, metal, wood or synthetic composite. Depending on your choice, you can choose any type of beard comb available in market. However, among such types, a lot of people said that wooden combs are much better for maintaining beard hair.

Even if the best beard comb choice actually depends on what kind of beard you have, many highly recommend wooden combs. There are many reasons why wooden combs are great for beard hair. One of these is that these are made perfectly. When compared to rubber beard combs, these are not flexible. This is the common concern of many men when using rubber combs because these seem to be very flexible.

Wooden combs are not also stiff like the plastic combs. With this in mind, you can guarantee that you will be able to maintain your beard properly and without dealing with any issues caused by inconvenient combs. Wooden combs are also known to be best at controlling static, which is important when maintaining a perfect beard shape that fits on your face.

How to Choose Wooden Combs for Your Beard Grooming Needs?

Beard shape and size can vary. This is why others find it challenging to look for a wooden comb that would best fit on their needs. Whether it is your first time to try wooden combs or you want to replace your old one, there are several factors you must keep in mind.

One of the important factors you should not forget is the quality of the wooden comb. Even if a brand claims that their wooden comb is made with wood, it does not really guarantee that it is made with quality in mind. To know if a wooden comb is of high quality, reading some reviews or testimonials about it can be a good idea. Consider both the positive and negative reviews of a wooden comb. In this way, you will be able to weigh if it is quality made or not.

The shape and style of the wooden comb are also another factor to keep in mind. You have to remember that beard comb is created specifically for beard grooming. So, ensure that your chosen wooden comb must be made for beard grooming purposes in order for you to achieve results when growing and keeping a beard.

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